iLight Marina Bay 2017


ATARAXIA is an interactive light installation that brings people from the hustle and bustle of life into another dimension.Experience a state of freedom away from anxiety and tension.

NYP Studio Project 4

Ataraxia Website

A website to promote ATARAXIA's AR mobile application.

Electrolux S.E.A Pte Ltd

iJam 2015

iJAM is a global, online crowdsourcing event. It will focus on an idea challenge. How can Electrolux help people enjoy great tasting food in a healthier more sustainable way?

NYP Assignment


Treveler is a Travel Website that targets a specific group of audiences so as to provide a more immersive user experience.

Final Year project 2

State of Shiok

State of Shiok is a travel application designed and created specifically for adventurous young adults that provide a enjoyable travel experience throughout the user's journey.

NYP Assignment

And All Things Delicious

This is a re-branding project of a bakery shop, And All Things Delicious.

NYP Assignment

Arial Vs Helvetica

A typographic story of two similiar fonts, Ariel and Helvetica.

NYP Assignment


A astronomy website that provides infomation for the younger and newer audiences of astronomy.

3D form and Space

NYP Reimagined

Redesigning the nyp space to create a more exciting school experience using 3d modeling software.

Special Topic


An experimental flim installation based on the wet market.

NYP Assignment

NYP WeatherApp

A weather applicaition of NYP that shows the weather condition of NYP in specific details using live data.


A young adaptable UX/UI designer, Jerome Ang, likes design challenges and always seeks to deliver professionally completed work. Eager to learn new things anytime. Sometimes, once or twice, likes to wander about the meaning of life.

"We are all born with a huge invisible hole in our chest. It doesn't really disturb us, but everyone is trying to fill it with something. Some fill it with religion, some buys a bunch of expensive things and some fill the hole with outher people. I still leave my hole open because i noticed it will run into the wind and makes a cool whistling sound, EEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeee"


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